Welcome to Fresh & More Ltd, a milk and grocery delivery service serving the Bury, Rochdale, Bolton and Salford areas. My name is Tom Crank and I lead a relatively young team but we have years of experience in milk delivery.  All of us have young families here, so we know that time is precious and by having a Fresh and More milkman you will benefit by having fresh produce delivered to your doorstep before 7.30am.

The benefits to you and your family: 

  • Less tedious shops and unnecessary bills (“we are low on milk, best do a big shop”)
  • Less fuel, transport or time costs – we are cost effective and environmentally friendly, as we deliver to your home free of charge.
  • Produce is delivered to a convenient point of your home and we have great ways to keep it out of sight, so it’s ready for you when you wake and need that first cuppa!
  • Online ordering – and you can change your order up to 8pm before your next allocated delivery.
  • Online payment – as well as other payment methods to suit you.

All in all we are the traditional milkmen but with a lot more!  We have been delivering milk and groceries in the Bury, South Lancashire and North Manchester areas for a few years so don’t hesitate to register or give us a call on 0161 211 0898.  Also have a quick look at our blog and special offers!

Interactive Website

As a valued customer of ours we are providing the "Your Milk Order Online" system, to allow you to...

  • View how your account stands at the moment and to make an online payment.
  • See our extensive range of Products that we can deliver fresh to your doorstep and how with just a couple of clicks you can add them to your order.
  • Click My Account to start MOOooing...